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Lil_Stubby--Unchain_My_Heart.mp3 04:32:02Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentUnchain My HeartLive At The Blue Goose, St ClairRecorded Saturday, February 2 200:15:01 64S44
Lil_Stubby--Pride_And_Joy.mp3 5.902.10.08 04:09:35Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentPride & Joy2001Live At The Blue GooseRecorded February 3 20010:04:55160S44
Lil_Stubby--Shakey_Ground.mp3 3.502.10.08 04:13:38Li'l StubbyShakey Ground2000Live At Memphis SmokeRecorded Live March0:03:41128S44
Lil_Stubby--Mustang_Sally.mp3 4.602.10.08 03:59:06Li'l StubbyMustang Sally2000Live At Memphis SmokeRecorded March 24 200:04:50128S44
Lil_Stubby--Lay_Down_Sally.mp3 4.402.11.10 21:06:39Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentLay Down Sally2002Recorded November 8 2002Live at The Blue Goose, St Clair0:09:11 64S44
Lil_Stubby--Pouring_Water_on_a_Drown 04:02:47Li'l StubbyPourin Water On A Drownin Man2000Live At Memphis SmokeRecorded March 24 200:03:20128S44
Lil_Stubby--Think.mp3 4.902.10.08 04:19:17Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentThink2001Live At The Blue GooseRecorded Feb 2-3 20010:10:16 64S44
Lil_Stubby--Knock_on_Wood.mp3 4.702.10.08 03:45:15Lil Stubby & DisappointmentsKnock On Wood1999Scream At The GooseRecorded June 19 1990:03:56160S44
Lil_Stubby--Why_Get_Up.mp3 4.502.10.08 04:44:36Li'l StubbyWhy Get Up1986Tuff Enuff - Fabulous T Birdsrecorded June 19 1990:04:45128S44
Lil_Stubby--Fire.mp3 4.902.10.08 03:35:38Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentFire2001Live At The Blue GooseRecorded on Friday, February 2 20:10:14 64S44
Shaolin Priests At Midnight.mp3 06:04:29Stubby Left0:03:09128S44
Planet Of The Apes.mp3 05:55:26Stubby Left0:03:08128S44
Lil_Stubby--Treat_Her_Right.mp3 3.902.10.08 04:23:49Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentTreat Her Right2001Live At The Blue GooseRecorded Friday, February 2 20010:08:15 64S44
Money_Grip.mp3 2.602.05.23 05:27:31Stubby PhilipsMoney Grip
Lil_Stubby--Its_My_Own_Fault.mp317.402.09.07 17:27:48Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentIt's My Own Fault2001Live At Memphis Smoke, Royal OakRecorded Friday, July 13 20010:36:18 64S44
Lil_Stubby--Ive_Got_News_For_You.mp3 3.502.10.08 03:39:49Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentI've Got News For You2002Live At Dearborn HomecomingRecorded Friday, August 2 20020:07:23 64S44
If I Were Human.mp3 4.702.05.22 05:51:57Stubby LeftIf I Were Human0:04:56128S44
The Infamous Toadman.mp3 06:01:00Stubby Left0:02:17128S44
Lil_Stubby--Little_Wing.mp3 7.502.10.08 03:53:49Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentLittle Wing2002Live At The Blue Goose, St ClairRecorded Saturday, 02/02/020:15:41 64S44
Lil_Stubby--Walking_The_Dog.mp3 6.402.10.08 04:39:23Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentWalking The Dog2001Live At Memphis Smoke, Royal OakRecorded Friday, July 13 20010:13:27 64S44
Lil_Stubby--Digging_on_James_Brown.m 5.302.10.08 03:29:57Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentDiggin' On James Brown2001Live At The Blue GooseRecorded Feb 2-3 20010:11:04 64S44
Lil_Stubby--Your_Cash_Aint_Nothin_Bu 04:49:26Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentYour Cash Ain't Nothin' But Tr2001Live At The Blue GooseRecorded Friday, February 2 20010:03:32160S44
Stubbyphillips_loy.mp3 2.304.06.07 23:52:43Stubby PhillipsLess Of You20040:02:25128S44
3.Stubby.mp3 16:56:4420030:02:32 64S22